Hello. Hey. My name is Alidsalbern, but you probably could have guessed that already.

This is the first time that I've been brave enough to join a forum like this. Some days it feels like I don't fit in anywhere, but from reading through posts, it sounds like this is the sort of place that I might be able to fit in.

So, have a little bit about me. I'm seventeen years old, and in my second to last year of high school (something about 'oh, we can't move you up a year, you wouldn't have made any friends if we'd done that). I'm an INTP. I'm really into computer science, and this crazy thing called Informatics, which will hopefully some day lead me into competing in this. I'm also into pretty much every other branch of science that I've learned about - I'm taking physics, chemistry and biology at school, along with latin, maths, and english. Because I live in the cooler hemisphere [no pun intended], my end of year exams are coming up soon, and you can tell I'm doing oh so much study, since I'm spending more time composing introduction posts on forums than doing any work.

I don't really have all that much much to say. So, hi. Nice to meet you.
Hi Ali,
You don't seem like someone who will do anything bad enough to get yourself banned but a glance through the rules is a good idea anyway.
Some areas here can be a bit 'robust' on occasions but at least you mainly get honest comments and views. Both of those are what you get from hanging out with other musicians.
Anyway, that's enough twaddle from the old fellah. Welcome.
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hello alidsalbern!
there is a thread for new people like you, you can go there to say hi. In fact it's been created to substitute threads like this one

Have fun and DO read the rules!

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nice thread bro

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Hey al,, Don't look at the ruls! its more fun that way lol Welcome to the pit =]

close to getting reported
Haha, yah, definitely check out the rules quickly b4 you do something you'll regret. There's several things you wouldn't expect in there. And it's not hard to get banned for life lol.
And watch what you say too. Anything offensive or anything noobish will get your dignity shredded to bits. People on the internet can be harsh!
But welcome tho. Hope you love it here and hope we can help you any way you need!
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Welcome to UG!

There is a thread for newbies where you can ask any questions you may have, as well as meet other new people.

Be sure to read The Rules before you start posting, so you know what you can and can't do. And alot of the older folk in The Pit like to eat Newbies for breakfast, so lurk for a bit before you start posting.

Again, Welcome. Enjoy your stay.
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