I am a lefty guitarist and i was looking to buy an electric guitar + amp.

I like to play all styles of music but mainly play hard rock ( like ACDC) and some metal ( like Children of Bodom)

My budget is around 500-550 $ including an amp. But if its really worth it i can spend a bit more.

As a lefty I'm not exactly spoilt for choices . If i buy new my main choices are the ibanez rg5ex1 or the rg 370 dx but ive heard that the edge 3 bridge sucks so im not to crazy about those. Also are the low end schecter models.

Online on ebay i have found some deals so I was hoping i could get some suggestions about them.

1. Schecter she devil with upgraded pickups


good guitar but no tremolo.

2. Schecter blackjack with original floyd rose


again great guitar but kinda out of my budget.

3. Ibanez RG 560 - with upgraded pickups


looks kinda old but the specs seem nice. few people on this forum have not seemed too enthusiastic about this guitar .

So my issue is that if i go for the blackjack then I'd have to buy a cheap ass amp to play it on but the advantage is that it has an original floyd rose.

The she devil also is a good guitar and along with that i could manage to buy a half decent amp too.

So which would be better - going for an original floyd rose but a cheap amp or getting the cheaper guitar and getting a decent amp.

if this is your first electric go with the she devil because the trem can be hard to set up at first and a decent amp is more important then a whammy bar
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I forgot to say - this will not be my first guitar. Ive been playing for around 1.5 yrs now.
The guitar i had previously was an ibanez grg 170 dx- pretty decent but once i started fiddling around with the whammy i couldnt keep it in tune - that was one of my main issues so this time i want to be wary while buying a guitar with a whammy.

I also use an effects pedal ( zoom g2.1u) if that has anything to do with thew decision of buying an amp.
Angus young played an SG so you could go for one. I would suggest a Les Paul (epiphone standard, comes left handed) so that you can get some metal tones as well as sound great for hard rock.
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