Hey everyone. It's my girlfriend there with her new stuff. She wrote this after the seeing "Queen Of The Damned" movie. Some kinda inspired by Disturbed's "Forsaken". Crit it please

C4C as always!!
01-Paths Of Fate.gp4
sounds like a really long intro imo
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Its fun

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It definately has an evil feel to it, like Chesters song on the soundtrack, which is really a good thing.

Apart from one bum note on the strings on the intro, I thought it was awesome, the chord in bar 2 made the chord in bar 3 sound off, so change the second chord. A piece of advice aswell, never use distortion of guitar pro, always use overdriven because the distortion sounds like arse.

Overall, trippy, well placed notes and a definate evil to it, I gotta say, good bloody job!

I wasn't looking forward to it after the two replies above me, but I was definately pleasantly surprised.