I've been playing a crappy Squier Strat for almost 3 years now and the thing is screwed up beyond repair and playing it demotivates me, so I've been looking to get a new guitar. I play jazz (it's a class), blues, punk, and indie. Think along the lines of The Strokes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Blink 182, Sum 41, The Hives, Muse, and The White Stripes. I need a guitar soon, so any help will be appreciated!
I was looking at a Telecaster Thinline '72, is this a good choice for these genres?
P.S. Muse would be the most distortion I'd need, like that uber fuzz kinda sound. I play NO metal.
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John Frusciante from the RHCP uses a 62 Fender Stratocaster so if you play that kind of stuff maybe look into one of those.
A Stratocaster-type guitar might have the versatility you need, especially one with a bridge humbucker for the pop-punk-style distortion bits. A Telecaster could pull things off nicely too, but it's all up to you in the end. Just invade a few guitar shops and try out their instruments to see what you like. What's your price range, anyway?
yeah ^ get a real strat
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Yeah definately a strat for those bands and genre ... Probably a HSS strat for extra versatility ... I guess now would be a good time to move up to a MIM at least.

A tele would be pretty cool if you wanna try something a little different ...
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I'm going to buck the trend and suggest one of the 'thicker' Telecasters, like a Deluxe, Custom or Thinline. Still have the clarity needed for things like Chili Peppers but will have more power behind them than a Strat ever would for things like Muse or Blink-182. The only downside would be the upper fret access won't be quite so good as a Strat if you've got smaller hands, but it's not a big difference even if your hands are tiny.
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My price range is probably $800-$900, preferrably less. I'll look into both Strats and teles. Thanks so far!
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