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The other day i found some 1 kilo dumbells in a drawer, and after spending ages thinking how the hell can 1 kilo have any kind of muscular benefit i thought of holding them while i practise my karate sequences and found it great for your speed and endurance development.

i know theres no way im the first to think of that so the threads point is:

whats something cool youve found to do with something that seems completely useless
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hold them strait out with your arms and keep it there until your arms cant take it anymore, exercise like your doing and believe it or not they will help increase speed and holding power, i use 15lbs weights all the time for doing stuff like that and it really helps tone and strengthen those odd muscles you never use normally.
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Turn something useless into something useful?

This thread is now about Derren Brown

How's that?
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Turn something useless into something useful?

This thread is now about Derren Brown

How's that?

sticking with that methodology im suprised your mum didnt turn you into a filing cabinet
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Tie a string to the dumbell then tie the other end to your wiener.
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I got an old computer power supply, thought it was useless, so I put some banana plugs in and made it a power supply so that I can experiment with prototype guitar pedals.
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