Title kinda sums it up really, I have a set of grover mini locking rotomatics and I need just a single replacement tuner.

Anyone know where I can buy just one in the UK? Tried all the major shops I know and googling has so far been unfruitful. Was hoping maybe someone else has had to do something similar before.

Thanks in advance!
Is buying another set absolutely out of the question? Obviously I understand you only need one, but I feel like if you bought a new set you would then have extras in case something else happened.

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Most companies dont sell individual tuners. Some of the gotoh brand can be gotten singles. But for the rotomatics only way Ive ever seen em is in sets of 6.
Wow, really thought that somewhere would do that. I guess no, a new set wouldnt be out of the question, but it just seems like such a waste to keep five perfectly good ones just on the off chance that I might break another.

Hopefully someone will pipe up who's had to deal with a similar problem one at some point
Really? I searched just now and when you said it before but I can't find any singles.

Oh wait, thats 'cos I'm in the UK. Bloody suppliers.
Talk to some of the parts suppliers on here, they may be able to get you one.

Hey I know how it is I have a really nice set of 5 MIA fender lefty tuners kind of worthless as a single replacement isnt available, had a single oddball on it for years before swapping them out. And yea you would think that the companies would say ok well occasionally people break a single tuner so lets help em out. Nope, and its just as fun for those with 7 strings getting that extra tuner can be a pain. Or people with 4+2 headstocks.
Warmoth sells individual tuners, you can buy single "left" and "right" tuners.
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TS wanted a replacement grover locking tuner. Warmoth only has gotoh in individual everything else comes in sets.