I was shown this once in person and then heard it reference a few times and never quite got what they meant by it till I saw a video breaking it down with the tuning and then the light bulb went up in my head.

So one day when I want to goof around I am going to putz around with that tuning and see what I come up with. Any good reference tabs that suggestions finger position, chords, and etc.? All the chords I use and know is what it is when the guitar is tuned in E, but since it would be tuned to G I am lost. I will be willing to buy a book if it's worth it, but since there is so much free info out there I would much rather to go that route. Besides, for right now I am focusing on certain things to build a foundation to improve my playing, the open G thing is just something to putz with.

open tunings are great for exactly that - "putzing around"

Do you know any theory / how chords are built? it's more fun to find chord shapes yourself imo
Mark Tremonti uses open tunings for a lot of his acoustic stuff. Watch over you is in open G - has some very simple riffs which will get you started on some chord fingerings and will give you some ideas on incorporating melodies into your rhythm playing - which I think is the main benefit of open tunings.

Good luck!
Well... since it's open G, it's a G major chord just strummed open. Just barre all the way across all 6 strings to go up a semitone major chord.

But yeah... I'm actually not sure where to find chords for open G. You could probably google "Open G Chords" and find something.
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Quote by Ibbod0
open tunings are great for exactly that - "putzing around"

Do you know any theory / how chords are built? it's more fun to find chord shapes yourself imo

I am now 35 so I missed out on a lot of musical training. I spend more time just playing and enjoying it than trying to teach myself why is this, and how that works. I wish I kept at it back in the past, but it is what it is so I just find stuff and mess with it.

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

I did a google search and there is a ton of information out there. I should listen to the advice I give to others: Google it.

Plus I am finding out if you tune to an open G and use a Capo you can have all kinds of fun with different sounds, chords, and etc.
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The Al Petteway song that I created the thread about I find is played to a guitar tuned to DADGAD. Open chord tunings are interesting. Then when I see/play some with alternate tuned songs, it just seems novel at first, and the improvosational nature of creating different chord "sounds" seems 'fresh' .... to me.

I do not know allot about theory and could do something about that if I got motivated. But what I notice is the sounds and fingerings of those sounds (on alternately tuned instruments) just sound interesting and fresh , like I said before.