i'm looking for something to record my amp in its raw state and also vocals.

Bear in mind that's it's a pretty heavy and dirty style of sound just like 80s heavy metal, so i don't want it to sound too muffed.

Should have phantom power and usb 2.0 just to be safe.

200e budget max, thanks
i've been lurkin and i have so many possiblities that i can't decide:

-tascam us 122-L + 50\60\70e mic
-tascam us 144 + 30\40e mic
-zoom h2
-zoom h4
-save for h4n

but as i said i just want a full heavy non muffed sound so would the first option do the job well?
I'm in the same situation - the Zoom H2 has some excellent reviews but i havent looked into the others.

It has 4 mics (i think) which are directional so each member (bass, guitar, drums, vocals) has there own mic as such (in a 4 piece band, will still work for more anyway) which keeps the quality up.

It wont ever sound like a studio but from the reviews I have seen (try google) it will keep most progressing bands happy