Wait.. What is that?

Looks like a familiar box.. oooh..

Smells like Ibanez..

Oohh it is an Ibanez!

It's an Ibanez RG1570 Prestige, Got it for £360 off Ebay, not bad considering its £700 new!
Taking it into my local guitar shop to get it all cleaned up and serviced tomorrow, will look even better
Not too hot on sparkly finishes but i do love ibanez. So HNGD!! I am sure it will be an awesome guitar
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Looks great. What finish is that?

I think it's cosmo black, not sure though :P
Plays sweeeeetlyy though!
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I think it's cosmo black, not sure though :P
Plays sweeeeetlyy though!

Cosmo applies to the hardware. Maybe you're thinking of Galaxy Black, but it's definitely not that. Only the RG2xxx come in Galaxy finishes. It's either Mirage Blue or Royal Blue. I don't really know the difference but I'm pretty sure they both have sparkles in them.
posssssssssssibly mirage blue then yes, because this guitar comes in mirage blue haha,
yeahh sorry, my mistake.. ;]

overwhelmed with excitement so much i cant actually work out the colourr hahahha!
wow, looks amazing. awesome looking finish too! HNGD!!

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That neck looks like it's a dream to play!

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