I own an ibanez grg270. it has an Edge III tremolo bridge.
The problem is that the bridge is getting up. So bridge isn't in line with the guitar and the strings are too high. I know you can lower the strings, but it's not the same thing when I lower them.
I tried to lower the bridge but I didn't get it. does anyone know how I can do this and how I can prevent happening this?
You mean the bridge isn't level with the body? Open the back up and you'll see 2 chunky screws holding the bridge to the body. Adjust them by screwing them a little way in or out and the angle of the bridge will change. You'll have to retune your guitar, which will also affect the angle of the bridge, so it may take a bit of tweaking to get it so you're happy.

Edit: loosen your strings off a bit first
if by that you mean the bridge is pulling up then you need to tighten the springs in the back
checkout the floyd rose setup thread
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