I programmed the drums in fruity loops, all the instruments and vocals are by me. Song is in my profile, let me know what you think!

And before you post that my vocals sound crazy, if you haven't heard the original listen to a few seconds of it:

will c4c!
Really good!!! Your vocal is really crazy!!!! uhauhauhauh
my only suggestion is the solo needs more punch, more nervous, understand???
Five stars!!!
Heey! That's a great recording!

Although I must agree with the guy above me. The song could use more guitar arrangements, to my ears, it'd make the song slightly more interesting instrument wise.

Everything else is great. I didn't notice you downloaded an instrument track, it blended perfectly.

The voice is wicked, everyone probably can tell.

Thanks for reviewing my recording, too!

Let me know when you get another recording!
An exetremely difficult song to cover, yet you did a great job...
Great vocals, very Tom Waitsy, though just listening to it made my own throat sore
Yeah, I shredded my voice singing it and my neighboors probably hate me now

Thanks for the comments!
The drums were programmed well, instruments were tight and your vocals are COOL!!!!

Well done dude
I've heard some TERRIBLE Tom Waits but yours...was absolutely amazing, especially the singing. I've never heard someone who was able to do that distinctive Tom Waits voice so well.

Nice job!



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