Selling gear for an AXE-FX! Pod X3, Block letter 5150, Orange Black 4x12, RandalRH100

Well, on the one hand I am very sad to sell some gear that I always admired and finally purchased. The 5150 and the orange are a metalhead's dream. The tone is ungodly, and the black orange, well that's just metal as hell too. My Randall has been thoroughly gone though from the years of owning it and has had many common failing components replaced. I've spent about $200 replacing parts in it, and have played it for years and years. The POD is also a great unit that gets a lot of bad reviews from inexperienced tweakers. The dual tone is a worthy upgrade over the XT, a whole different range of flexibility.

They are all great pieces of gear. However, I rarely play my traditional equipment anymore. I am extremely busy with my business, school and spending more time at home with my s/o. When I do play, I'm more interested in recording stuff. I've been jamming out for more or less 13 years and I'm now getting ready to embark on recording an album over the next couple years.

So basically, I love all this gear, but at this point I would much rather finance and AXE-FX. I've heard enough clips to know I can work with it to get what I need, which is flexibility and great tone direct with the help of some impulses.

I'm a top-rated power seller on ebay with about 5000 FB who does high volume, so I hope credibility won't be an issue. For those buyers who might be concerned I'll give contact details on my website so you can know you're dealing with a reputable individual.

Anybody in the area of Wisconsin, I'm located in Waukesha. I would prefer local buyers but know there aren't that many out there.

Again, I'm sad to see this stuff go, but its time to take it to the next level.
Pod X3 9.8/10 condition. Has been played in my room for about 2 months. I've been impressed enough by the tones to decide to take my recording to the next level. Have the original box, manual CDs and everything. If you want me to dick around relicensing the serial number for you to use pod farm and all that you'll have to tack on an extra $30.
$299 shipped FIRM

Randall in 8.5/10 condition. I can't see any flaws, but its been used for a long time so I guess its not mint mint... but damn close.
$175 shipped FIRM

Peavey in 7-8/10 condition. Very old amp, but still in good condition. Needs one chickenhead replaced. Might need new tubes, sounds great to me but really this was my first tube head so I don't know this stuff well. I have no reason to believe it needs anything other than a gdamn noisegate. Holy hell. Sounds great, but its old and I don't want you bitching if its not factory floor when you get it because the thing is 30 years old.
$670 shipped FIRM

Orange black pinstripe PPC4x12 4x12 8.5/10, microscopic chip in the orange crest and a couple minute scuffs, but in excellent condition with floor boards and custom rollers. These things are RARE as HELL and sooo metal I'm devastated in a way to let this go. Its everything a metalhead could want. Awesome lows, hard mids and grinding highs all in the non traditional orange setup... the old style too, with the white pinstripes. Really sad to see it go.
$850 shipped... I also understand I may receive higher bids on this one, so I'll let this one be bid on longer.

I'm shooting to sell all this stuff locally, over the net on a forum as a second resort, and lastly on ebay. These prices are accurate using 90 day sales data on ebay for like condition items. These prices are FIRM, FIRM but fair

If you have any questions let me know, these pictures where snapped about 1 minute ago. I'm not going to take pictures of the Pod, because its pretty much new with box and all that.

I'm not a regular here, so if you're interested, please email

HQ pictures here!!-sigh.jpg

Please no trades unless it involves an AXE-FX
No low ballers
No Nigerians

Looks like the 5150 will be going away today, 3 people on it. The cab has got a ton of looky loos, a lot of messages, but no one super serious yet. So you're not too late if you want it.

I've got people begging me to send it to the UK or canada, but I'm not sending something that big overseas.