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Fender Telecaster
33 47%
Epiphone Les Paul
37 53%
Voters: 70.
I want a new guitar and can't decide decide between these two. My budget's $500. I play pop-punk. Which would you recommend?
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what two...?

EDIT: oh, put the poll up right after I post? i see how it is...

EDIT2: I say the epiphone because granted, the Telecaster will be good for the pop punk, a stock one isn't going to nail metal without pedals and a humbucker (unless you want a lot of fizz). and I believe the epi can nail both styles quite easily.
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neither is gonna give a great metal tone however i would say get the les paul cos later u can stick new pups in, the les paul is very versistile and can be used for anything
get a tele and put some hot rails in it. iv def had less problems with my mim fender than my epiphones (buzzing, action, etc.) and hot rails are awesome for metal. def one of my favorite pickups. if u go used, u can get the tele, hotrails, and some pedals and junk with the extra money.
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Get the Tele and some pedals. It will get the pop punk better, and with some pedals it will be ok for metal. Or some new pickups of course.
tele cause tele's kick ass.
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depends on the style you wanna play. stratocasters for the win i say. if u have one already go for the epiphone

edit: woops forgot to read sorry. well yeh. epiphone.
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ive got an epi les paul, and i love it. it plays great for everything i try to play on it, including metal (sounds better than my dean) and the stuff towards the pop-punk end of the spectrum (the closest to pop punk i go though is the offspring). seriously, get that guitar!
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Definitley an Epi, either a Les Paul or a G-400. The G-400 will give great neck acess but the Les Paul has a raw power to it.

Impartially speaking it doesn't matter cus you can always change the pickups for something like 'Bare knuckles'
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Personally I'd go with the tele, but then again if I were going that route I'd actually save another $100 and get a G&L ASAT special; the MFD pickups would be perfect for pop punk.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.
If I had to choose one of em, I'd pick the epiphone. I think the telecaster is an ugly guitar ...
Both guitars can do whatever the hell style of music you want them to do.

Therefore, try both, see which you prefer the feel/sound/looks of.
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Les Paul Ftw.
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Typical UG. Going on about metal. He didn't say he wanted to play metal....pop punk is nothing like metal. Ignorance once again.

Get the tele.
I would say the tele cause you see loads of Pop/Punk bands using them like Paramore, Sum 41, Green Day (in the 90's). Probably best to get one with a Humbucker or a Hot Rail but I don't think Fender make the with Hot Rails (?). But even the average single coil Tele can pull of some heavy stuff, you take Alex Westway from Fightstar.
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