Hi Guys,

So i bought myself a Boss PS-5 last Christmas and haven't really had a chance to use it. Now the reason for this is i bought it for the Harmonist function, but i tune to Eb, or Drop Db/C#.

So i was wondering if anyone knew how to use it in these drop tunings? I will only be using it in songs where i tune to Drop Db/C# so if you could point me in the right direction for this tuning it would be much appreciated.


... Wow. Never heard of that tuning being used. Like, ever.

Anyways, I've read about it before, I was looking into getting it. But apparently, playing with it when you're detuned is pretty damn odd. I play in Drop C all the time, and the PS5, when it comes down to it, is made for standard.
Um... Go to standard and use the detune function on it..? Ha.
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Thank you, you've all been very informative and helpful (except you Mr_CiNiC, f*ck you.)
Love you too, babe.
When you say that's a random tuning what do you mean, my tuning is; Drop Db/Drop C# loads of band and people do it. Unless it's just me.
My strings are tuned as follows; Db, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb or C# etc.
So if i had to use this pedal on solo's then i would be knackered is basically what you're saying?
I also play in Drop C which i have no problems with because if i play in what would be D i just set the knob to C Minor.
Thanks for your reply but if anyone else has any ideas please post em coz i'm really stuck!
Keep them coming, Cheers Guys,
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