I'm currently trying to improve my voice - trying to sing more, get some information on how to practice better, looking for amatuer choirs to join, considering a teacher (fund-dependant) and so on.

The most motivating thing for me is being able to sit down with an acoustic and sing something that at least I myself can tolerate listening to. This means low (I can't quite hit middle C and struggle with the C two octaves beneath it) and simple (currently singing "Tales Of Brave Ulysses" a lot - just 2 notes for most of the song).

So what I'm looking for are suggestions for songs that have bass/baritone vocal parts that are as simple as possible - low number of notes used, mainly chord tones hit and so on, eg:

"Tales Of Brave Ulysses" - like I said, it mostly stays the octave under middle C and only uses 4 notes.
"Space Oddity" - the first section at least, it's just 3 notes, all around the C beneath middle C.
"Hallelujah" - haven't worked what arrangement for this I want to practice with, but again it's a fairly simple melody and I can keep it within my range.

So if anyone has any suggestions for songs to look at in that kind of vein (I'm currently look at some Johnny Cash, maybe some old blues stuff and/or some of Hendrix's deeper tunes as well) then I'd be grateful.

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Jack Johnson's songs are all pretty comfortably in the middle of the bass/baritone range. John Mayer is also a baritone, but his stuff is quite a bit more difficult.
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Superman's Song - Crash Test Dummies

.... great song. I can't sing it and I'm a baritone/tenor, so probably perfect for a bass.

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Perhaps it's a bit higher then your requesting, but may I point out the band Poets of The Fall in general?

Marko (the singer) has a baritone voice I believe. He has quite the range because he is a professional, but the songs aren't really that hard to sing if you're at it for awhile.

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Have you tried Nick Cave?

I was about to say. I'm a bass singer, the first song my singing teacher worked on with me was "Into My Arms" by Nick Cave. It's a good beginner bass song.

Here's the link;
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I think Matt Barlow (Iced Earth, ex-Pyramaze) has a similar vocal range to you so look into stuff with him singing
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