Hey all, going to try to start moving around after weeks of practcing these first chords. Whatta ya recommend?

Cheers, Will
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Theres a simon and garfuncle song that i forgot.
I believe jesus doesn't want me for a sunbeam, coverd by nirvana just used those chords.
It has been a long while since i've played or listen to these artists, hope there right.
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i think "I used to love her" by GNR uses those chords,and dont let the tunning stop you. you canplay it in standard, not necesarilly in D#.

also, try any folk song from where you are( you didnt write) because in my country most of them use this kind of progression
12 bar blues, and make up your own songs - you should be able to come up with some stuff pretty easily with those
No Fun by Iggy/Sex Pistols
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