I just got a guitar to replace my old one and i love the thing but it sounds too twangy
i dont know if its the pickups or what. lol i really have no idea

this is the guitar i got

oh and i know its not my amp because my old guitar (ibanez rg) sounded way different way less twang.

any suggestions???
thanks btw
get new pups. its not all too surprising the stock ones sound twangy if the guitar only cost $200, nice looking guitar though!
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thanks dude!!!
and ya totally thats what i was thinking

i was just wondering if anyone had the EMG select pickups before and how it sounded for them

and how much better sounding is the EMG HZ (more expensive passive pickups) pickups compared to mine
EMG Select's are meh. The EMG-HZ's are better, but there are better pickups at that price IMO.
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thanks man

and if i do get different pickups would it be hard to rewire everything because of the 5 way switch and the coil tap

lol sorry for all of the questions. im a newb i suppose haha
If it's new then it might have new strings thus giving you an extremely bright tone. Try wearing them in and see what it's like after a week or so.

I could be wrong but then again I could save you buying new pick-ups.

If you decide to change the pick-ups I would not go for the EMG HZ's as I have heard they arn't that good. How about some duncans?
Avoid HZs. They are okay but you can get far better for a lot less cash. I'd put in IronGear Hammerheads but shipping from UK might bump it up a bit. Still probably less than DiMarzio or Seymour Duncans and way hotter than Wyldes.
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haha i already went through a couple of sets of strings but thanks

and thanks i wont buy the HZs
but again would it hard to rewire the 5way switch with the coil tap???
You can get humbuckers with coil tap. A lot of DiMaziros or whatever the hell they are coil tap. So you'd be fine.

As for HZ's, they're not bad at all. My guitar teacher has a Jackson Dinky with EMG HZ's and he recorded his whole album with it. Of course, he was using a firewire and a digitech RP90, but it still sounded great. He got a multitude of tones out of that guitar.

Have you tried rolling around the tone knob? I find that rolling back on the tone knob (because 10 is way too BR00T4LZ for clean) helps reduce twang. But in my case, it also reduces clarity.

Also, make sure you buy the appropriate pots if you need to replace those. Make sure you buy a coil tappable one.
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