Hey, i'm looking to buy my first Acoustic Guitar as i've just started a little acoustic project, plus, i just love to jam around on an acoustic sometimes rather than chugging on my electric. Something with a low action would be nice to ease the transition but i'm sure i can manage something a bit higher. The guitar would be used for Indie/Folk music, along with acoustic covers of heavier rock songs. Some bands/artists it owuld be used for are:

-Newton Faulkner
-Jack Johnson
-Foo Fighters
-Kings Of Leon (Older more bluesy stuff)
And so on.

Any advice is welcome.

EDIT: I like the looks of Cutaways but i don't know how they affect the tone of the guitar.
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Washburn d10sce

Yamaha apx500

Honestly though, it's your guitar - the best advice would be to go into guitar shops and try a few out that are in your price range (check they have a solid wooden top - or you won't be making an investment soundwise)

Good luck!

IMO a cutaway doesn't adversely affect the sound of a guitar, even if it did I imagine it would be hardly noticible - just pick what feels best/most comfortable to you.
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i wouldn't recommend the Yamaha apx500 for playing acoustically. it's very quiet and doesn't sound that good unplugged although it does look purty. unfortunately guitars with cutaways cost more, so getting one in your price range will probably mean having to sacrifice sound quality.

i would recommend the yamaha FG700, or even better the yamaha FG720S.

i also recommend you try any walden with a solid top. the ones i've played sing - even the cheapest ones.

i hear nothing but good about recording kings from a lot of people, and i do see them listed on uk sites sometimes.