Like, the intro on DT's Pull Me Under. Easy as **** but still sounds pretty cool. What are some full songs like this, preferably that can be played through a clean channel since my amp is complete **** on distortion? Doesn't have to be as easy as PMU intro, but definitely nothing balls hard.
One by Metallica isn't so hard and it sounds really impressive. Same goes for Fade to Black (minus the second solo), For Whom the Bell Tolls, and Nothing Else Matters.
raining blood's intro is very easy and sounds pretty damn cool.
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1979 by Smashing Pumpkins. Gorgeous song, and you can even futz with the effects a bit to get some pretty cool sounding stuff.
Creed-older stuff is pretty simple
Shinedown- 45 (better than the other songs clean)
tab search your artists that you like, bro. Bout the best idea I can think of.
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Seek and destroy - metallica
not that hard, but not extremely easy
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mine is probably that totaly awsomely hard solo in wake me up when september ends, evry time i hear that solo i drool.
DT's Surrounded. I love that song. It's super easy, and sounds great with the delay effects.
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Like a Stone by Audioslave. It sounds a little thin without drums and bass behind you though.
Metallica - welcome home(sanitarium) & The day that never comes, the clean verses sounds amazing and very easy aswell.

System of a down - roulette is another great song, especially acoustic.