Okay, I have decided my next amp is going to be either a

Blackstar HT-5 (Who doesn't have one right?)

or a

Blackheart Little Giant

My question is, which one is more versatile? Which one can sound more like the other? I think the blackheart would be a good choice because I like AC/DC, Molley Hatchet, and Iron Maiden, but Im also into modern rock and metal like Simple Plan, Bullet for my Valentine, ect. I was hoping you guys could help me out with making a choice?
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i love both, but for different reasons.

i own the BH and i love it for classic rock with a booster or without, but the HT-5 has preamp gain and an effects loop.

i guess its down to what you'd play most.

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HT5 has the benefit of two channels. and being a fellow hatchet fan, i would say the HT5 would also get you closer to their sound.
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Can the Blackstar sound like the Blackheart with the help of some OD pedals or vice versa?
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Blackheart hands down
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i own the blackheart and i kinda want a blackstar. its basicly like silver said, they are good for different things. single channel amp with no mv knob against a 2(ish) channel amp with a few extra goodies. i would say the blackstar is going to be able to do more of the blackheart sound than vice-versa. basicly the blackstar has that ISF thing with a brittish section as part of it. the blackheart is a brittish sounding amp. i think we can do the math from there.

however, i do think the bh does that raw brittish sound better than the bs. its got its own charm and i really like mine. however for you, the ht-5 sounds like the better option. got that versitility that you want, and is still able to pull off the sounds of the other well enough.
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I recently sold my orange and bought a blackheart little giant. While I was there I tried a blackstar and though I went with the blackheart if I had the money I would have gotten the blackstar no contest.
The blackheart is still pretty damn awesome though and I expect I'll be using it as my useable amp for a very long time. Though personally my advice is go for the blackstar if it's in your price range.
I own the Blackheart and swear by it. I love it, it's amazing. But for you it won't cut it. It won't do Maiden on it's own nor the modern rock things and you'd need to crank it too. The Blackstar is much more versatile.
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How would a BD-2 Blues Driver and a Fulltone Drive 2 sound on the clean channel of the Blackstar? Would it push the clean channel into OD for an AC/DC sound?
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