Poll: Should a high school band play at prom
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Yes, Play at Prom
40 89%
No, Do not Play at Prom
5 11%
Voters: 45.
My high school band had been given the opportunity to play at prom.

Rather than give you the discussion (read argument) that my band has been having, I was hoping for your opinions.

Also since I know you are going to ask about genre; We normally play hard rock/classic rock covers, but we are willing to cover anything necessary and danceable, The Beatles, Blink 182, Lil-Wayne covers, whatever.

Here is a video of us last year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFFDUIgAZzQ

Do you believe a high school band should play at prom or stick to shows and concerts?
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we need to start bringing lives bands instead of DJs so i say yea do it.
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we need to start bringing lives bands instead of DJs so i say yea do it.

i agree with this but since you say your willing to play something danceable, you would probably need to play stuff like lady gaga, beyonce and other stuff like that
Danceable stuff that's on the radio all the time, Take Me Out's a good song.
Make sure you play Earth Angel. There is no better song to play at a dance.
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A gig's a gig

Not that desperate for gigs. I'm just curious about whether you think it could be a good or bad venue.

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How good are you? Videos, recordings etc?

That would basically be my judging point.

Only video I know of online. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFFDUIgAZzQ
From last year.
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Do it. Could be loads of fun IMO.
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Even scene kids / dance / rap people love a bit of GnR / Bon Jovi / Nirvana at a school party - go for it dude...
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I would do it. I mean, the crowd might be weird, and the general atmosphere of the whole thing might also be odd, but I personally, being in a high school band myself, wouldn't pass up an opportunity like that.
Depends on the kids who will be there. If my band played prom people would be pissed off becuase we are a heavy metal band. Only like my friends and some of the kids who are my fans in school dig it. If i were to play prom i'd pull out alot of oldschool funk music (I love oldschool funk like the meters and james brown) but it really depends on who you are playing to.