I went to my local Best Buy music store today, and tried out a bunch of amps and guitars. Here are some mini reviews for you. Guitars first:

Washburn WM24: This is part of Washburn's relatively new "shred" line. It's the fixed bridge version, with 24 frets, a Buzz Feiten Tuning System, Grover Tuners, and Randall Pickups. This guitar was alright, and with a decent setup, I think it could be pretty good. Still, it had high action, a slow (glossy) finish on the back of the neck, and not very good tone. There's many better options in this price range, from Ibanez to ESP to Schecter, etc. However, my guitar teacher has a Custom Shop Washburn, and that guitar is excellent.

Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster 50's: I have heard good things about this guitar in terms of value, so I decided to play one. I was quite impressed with the build quality. No sharp frets, good setup, seemed very solid. It had good tone, very classic Tele twang. As you may think, it didn't respond great to lots of distortion. Overall, a great guitar for a beginner who plays blues and classic rock.

Schecter C-1 Plus: With all the Schecter love on these forums, I wanted to finally sit down with one and play it for a while. This one was good. Looked good on paper in terms of features; mahogany body/neck, great top, 24 Jumbo frets, nice inlays, Grover Tuners, Coil Tap, etc. I liked the heel-less neck, and thought that it was fairly playable despite its size. Annoyingly enough, someone put all the guitars in the store in drop D, but that wasn't really the guitar's fault. Overall, good construction, pretty versatile, good tone, and decent playability from someone who likes thinner necks.

Parker P-36: Wow. This guitar was amazing. Although it's styled after a Tele, it got a tremendous array of tones. I could play anything from Pink Floyd to Paul Gilbert on this thing. It had REALLY thick tone when distorted, which I thought was unique for a Tele. Clean, it could get a strat-type clean when rolling back the volume, or the tele twang if you dig in. Action was beautiful, setup was perfect, fretwork amazing, construction solid. This is gonna be the next guitar I buy.

Now for the AMPS:

Marshall MG15: I tried out a bunch of practice amps today, because I'll need to buy one to bring to school for performances in Music class. Anyways, I saw the Chappers video, and was stunned at the improvement in tone in the new MG's. Sadly, upon trying it out, I realized it had improved dramatically, but wasn't as nice as the Monkey Lord made it sound. I liked all the channels though. Cleans were good, OD was nice, Crunch was pretty good, and the OD4 channel or whatever was pretty solid. A lot less digital sounding than the previous MG, but definitely no tube amp.

Line 6 Spider IV This amp had worse cleans than the Marshall, but I rather liked the Metal channel for its distorted and lead tones. The effects were okay, but not great. Once again, an improvement over its predecessors, but not that great either.

Bogner Alchemist 2x12: Awesome amp. Wonderful cleans, thick crunch, gritty blues, and biting leads. Definitely not a metal amp, but I thought this amp was very similar to the Egnater Renegade I tried. It was very easy to dial in, and many different knobs and switches were available to fine tune your sound. Overall excellent package, and the effects weren't bad either.
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when i tried the Spider the clens were good, i really despised the Mid- High gain channels
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