Wake Up!

Its dark
Inside of my mind
Don't know where I'm going
Because I'm blind
This place
Isn't where I wanna be
Looking around
Doesn't help me
I'm lost
In the depths of time
One look in your eyes
And I feel sublime

Wake up!
Its a beautiful day!
The sun is shining!
The rain has gone away!
Wake up!
I know you are here!
The sun is shining!
There's nothing to fear!

Out of darkness
A flash appears
Its radiance blinds me
I pass through the years
Your voice bids me
To look at the light
They slowly open
And feel the bite
I grow worried
It pierces the night
But when you're near me
I know I'll be alright


The night has gone
I regain feeling
And welcome the dawn
We stand up
It's just us
The darkness has passed
For me that's enough
I look around
Observing my surroundings
One thing stands out
Its you


Note: This is the first time I have attempted to write lyrics, so all feedback is much appreciated.
Its sung in a more broken fashion, with about a measure pause between lines. I suppose it would make more sense in context with the music.
Rather than break this down line for line…this is raw emotion. Good start for lyrics. You need to take and develop this. A good introduction is your favorite music. I wager your favorite songs have “universal lyrics” which allow you to relate in your own way. This is what I mean by “development”. Take what you have and re write in such a way that ALL your friends might relate. Now you have a song to record. These are your first fans after all.