Im looking to buy a guitar in the 1000-1200 dollar range. I play classic rock, hard rock and some classic heavy metal. I was thinking of maybe the gibson les paul bfg Gary moore sig. any advice?
Although I don't caere for the SG too much, it woulld fit your description, if you could get it on sale.

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Jackson Dinky/Soloist? A bit different from an LP but a rockin' guitar.
Les Paul Raw Power if you don't mind a heavy ass guitar.
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im more of a les paul guy

you could look at an epiphone les paul prophecy or an esp eclipse
check out the esp ltd ec-1000 with the jb/'59

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The BFG is great. It's my favorite Gibson and I don't like Les Pauls, or Gibsons for that matter. It sounds awesome and looks just as good. But all guitars with humbuckers would suit you. So just find something you like that's comfortable.