hey, wasn't sure where this was supposed to go but figured it would be either here or Guitar Technique

anyway. so my teacher showed me an alternate picking exercise which is basically just strumming the same note for 5 minutes straight -using alternate picking of course- just strumming on and on for 5 minutes, non stop. the same note, or close notes, or the open string alone...just strumming away. he said it would help make my picking more, fluid? or just better anyway. so i'm doing it, but i was wondering if any of you has ever done this? and whether it really helps? cause i find it very boring and sometimes just pointless, you know?

it would be cool if you could give me your thoughts on this.

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Should be good for tremolo picking at least.

my teacher just told me to start practicing the same technique, its supposed to make your picking steadier which would come in use when playing fancier stuff
That would be strumming not alternate picking. In either case, practice strumming to a click track with an off beat, but don't stop strumming during the rests, keep your hand moving just don't hit the strings.

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