I'm new to ultimate-guitar I made an account so i could post this. I've been playing guitar for about 2 years and i have an epiphone les paul special II which isn't quite cutting it for me. I play a wide range of rock: from hardcore (devil wears prada, a day to remember, i set my friends on fire) to alternative/pop-punk (blink-182/angels & airwaves/rise against) to hard rock (chevelle, breaking benjamin). I've been looking into it a little and i was thinking maybe a gibson sg? I wouldn't mind paying a lot (1200ish max although shooting for 800-900) and I want this guitar to last a long time and play well for any type of music like i said before. I am really edging toward the sg but there's so many kinds i'm not sure which is right for me, or if it's even right for me at all. If someone could give me some guidance that would be much appreciated.

And also where can I get the best deal on it (and when the biggest sales are)
Any guitar with humbuckers would suit you. Just find something that's comfortable. Shop around. You may like ESP, Ibanez, Jackson, Fender, or any other company.