You have two choices in hiding the Meebo bar. Quick hide or Permanent hide.

The Quick hide is easily done from any screen you are viewing.
The bar can easily be re-displayed from any screen where the bar can be displayed.
This is process is shown in post #2

The Permanent hide must be done in your profile settings.
To re-display the bar, you will have to return to your profile settings.
This process is shown in post #3

Quick Hide of the Meebo bar:

Step 1. Click the Meebo icon:

(The Account tab expands upward.)

Step 2. Click on your username:

(A pull down menu appears.)

Step 3. Click "sign off chat"

(The Account tab collapses)

Step 4. Click the small tab in the lower right to hide the bar

(The Meebo bar is now Hidden.)

You may click the small tab at the lower right if you wish to show the Meebo bar again.

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Permanent Hide of the Meebo bar:

Step 1. Click "My Profile"

Step 2. Click "Account Settings"

Step 3. Tick the box marked "Hide Meebo bar"

Step 4. Since the box for hiding the Meebo is now checked, click "Save Settings"

The small tab will not be in the lower right corner of the page.
If you choose to use Meebo again, start from "My Profile"and un-check the box.
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Any way to make the "permanent" hide more permanent? Every time I sign on it comes back on.
It's suppose to be permanent. apparently there's a bug. I've messaged Till From Kenig. He'll be the one to fix anything with the interface between meebo and UG.
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