So I got my Douglas SR-1 in the mail today and I have to say I'm pretty content with it. It wasn't as good as my Agile AL 2000 but its alright.

Finish - Nice and even everywhere except on the binding on the neck. You can see some paint run over on it if you look pretty close.

Action + Playability - Unplayable out of the box. But that's to be expected. I raised the bridge until the buzz was minimal, but the action at the higher frets (from 14+) is still pretty high, due to too big of a bow forward on the neck. I'll have to adjust that. The neck feels nice and smooth, and not sticky at all like some people complain about on finished necks. And it sits perfectly on a strap when standing up.

Sound - Pretty weak. Not very impressed with the pups at all, but what did I expect? I'm going to switch them out for the Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded set or something similiar/hotter. As is, you get some good clean sounds but thats about it.

Out of 10, I'd have to give it a 6.5. But thats stock. You can bet this guitar will see some upgrades. It's hard to find a full mahoganny bodied v guitar for $200..

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looks pretty sexy, i think i want one.
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not bad for under $200, looks like a good guitar to upgrade
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