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Voters: 35.
okay so basically I do not have a date to homecoming. Its not that I am unpopular I just got sick for a long time and when I came back to school everyone had dates. I go to a small school so there was literally nobody left to ask. Should I fly solo?

tl;dr Should I fly solo at homecoming?
hell yeah dude! be a man, people will have respect for you if you confidently go in there alone
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I'm not going to homecoming. Dances really aren't my style. I dispise them. Therefore, I'm not bummed that I don't have a date.


Play until she breaks up with you.

The most brutal band to ever exist is...

You should go like them...even if you don't like them.

As long as you dont feel like a loser, and at least give some effort, you'll have fun.
Stick with your friends, even if they all have dates, its better than sulking alone.
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Bring someone not from your school.
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I agree with the thing above, confidently striding in on your own will be pretty impressive. You could always think about bringing a female friend who is not from school?
Since when do people have dates for homecoming? At our school its pretty much just everyone dancing with everyone else. Meh.

But to answer your question, go unless your school has notoriously lame dances. Im sure there will be girls there with no dates, which means you can hook up with all of them you want.
homecoming is gay
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i mainly just wanna hit up the after parties but i would feel weird just showing up at the after party.
i been thinkin its safe to say alotta the pit is longhaired metalheads. we would look strange at a dance
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uhhh, go with your guy friends or a girl from another school?
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uhhh, go with your guy friends or a girl from another school?

The answer that should jump out at you.
Use it.
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I was with my friends and we awere talking

Friend 1: Yeah I don't have a date, I probably just won't go at all...
Friend 2: Dude, just go by yourself.
Friend 1: No, that is gay!
Me: No, going with Big Gay Brett is gay.

There is a flamboyantly gay person at my school named Brett. He is the biggest and gayest person I know, everyone just calls him Big Gay Brett.
I went alone ... and got laid later on .... there is hope little brotha!
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Yeah why not? I went without a date last year. It's not like you'll be an outcast or something, you can still socialize with people.
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Yeah why not? I went without a date last year. It's not like you'll be an outcast or something, you can still socialize with people.

by socialize this fine gentlemen means kick the holy hell out of
Ha, i have a date but i dont really want to go because dances aren't my thing, but if you want to go to it, you just dont have a date, then definitely do it.
i'm going but not because i enjoy dances in the slightest bit, im just going because my gf wants to. you'll find that 99% of guys go for the experience or just saying they did, not because they enjoy dancing.
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If you're good at socializing yeah. I went to the first dance of the year without a date or really a group set up. Was about to leave until me friend showed up and we danced. I cant socialize well, but I can dance.