Hey I was wondering what brands (or guitars) have a neck similar to schecter necks/Gibson Necks. I've been thinking about checking out Jackson but the only one I played (The Explorer like guitar) was pretty uncomfortable, but I think I was playing a lower quality one.
I think some BC riches have a Gibson-esque neck profile. I know that Jon Schaffer from Iced Earth used to use BC riches on tour cause he found the build to be similar to that of a Gibson which he couldn't use every night due to the weight on his shoulder.
Jackson necks are all very small, only a Gibson will have a Gibson neck
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Yeah I was wanting to get a Stealth but it's kinda pricey for the features. And what I mean by a gibson neck is a thicker style neck.
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gibson necks are coustom fitted to each guitar

Yes, I know that. I'm referring to thicker necks, I say Gibson since Gibson usually get mentioned when people bring up thicker necks.
Thicker necks aren't terribly popular on guitars that aren't reissues or very expensive. The Vintage mahogany LP has a thicker neck, as do some of the lower end gibson SGs. Besides gibson and epiphone, you're probably going to have a hard time finding a guitar with a thick neck under $1000.
If you got a bolt on guitar, you could use warmoth to build you a neck to your specs, or just build a whole guitar through them if you want to put the money for it.

I don't typically think of Gibson when I think of thicker necks. The thick necked Gibsons were in the 50s. The 60's Gibson necks are thinner than the 50's counterpart. Though, I guess Gibson and Fenders typically have thicker necks compared to shred style guitars like Ibanez and such.