This an intro for a song that I built off a simple melody by just layering more and more instruments over top of it. I know it is repetitive but I like it, and I think the layering keeps it interesting. I'd like to know what someone else think though and I need help with deciding on where I should take this song. Any advice is appreciated, and C4C. Thanks.
sounds like a mars volta type thing pretty sweet. I'd suggest doing a Progressive / Acid Rock Verse/Chorus thing. :P
Hmm, sounds quite nice. You could try making it explode into a very proggy metal riff and go on from there. Or if you want to stick to this layered structure, you should probably bring it down from the climax at the end of the intro even more to what it was at the start and keep that goin (that would be the verse) and then it would eventually explode into the most layered part of the intro (chorus?). That's what i thought of. Oh, and that's for the crit in that other thread, was quite helpful (i don't wanna seem like im bumping my thread). I don't have something for you to crit yet but when I will, i'll post it here.
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Err, not every song today is a metal song
Also I see you were using more classic style instruments so I would vote for a world music song.
I had a go at writing another section. I'm assuming you wouldn't want to use something someone else has written, but it might give you some ideas. It was fun doing it, anyway.
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i love the middle eastern vibe you went for, when it is finished it will sound awesome!
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Hey, guys, thanks for your input.

Based on mtgold83 and Limaj_daas' comments I'm going to try to make the next part a verse (probably in the loosest sense of the word), because I think vocals would be really fun to write over this. I am going to try my best to keep the classic instruments going throughout the song to give it a world feel.

And whalepudding, thanks for taking the time to write that part, it was very Opeth of you. I'm definitely not going to take the exact riff, but I've got an idea of how I could use such a part.

Thanks, alot. I'll post it up when I'm either done or stuck again.
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I have no ideas as far as you taking this any further, I just want to say, it rocks hard! Really cool, very different to the other stuff that gets posted here so kudos.
Hey thanks again for the crit on Evening Sunshine

What can I say about this piece? ... oh yes ... wow! I like the general vibe ... something different to power chords/palm muting and sweep picking!!

I'm listening through again now and pausing and typing as I come to things I like/dislike/have thoughts about etc

Bar 22 (and others) - I like the little 3/4 note run it adds a little quirky interest to the intro to the intro . I think you asked for suggestions as to where to take it. When I was listening through first time round i thought maybe you could build upon the run in Bar 22 and turn it into a fast melody or something. I was thinking something like using the intro you have and then breaking into a fast arpeggio style.

Bar 50 - Love the introduction of another guitar - works well

Bar 66 - great breakdown (drums and bass are wicked throughout but here they really shine)

Bar 74 - and here you break into the kind of fast thing i was talking about for Bar 22!! I really like the duelling guitar feel with one coming after the other - again it creates interest and kept me listening

As for the next part ... I'm not quite sure where you want to take it afterwards. I kinda agree with mtgold, it sounds as if it could go into a rock/metal song.

I don't think you need to change anything about what you have written so far - all it needs is to go into something equally good.
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