There are tabs of this song already. Plenty of them.
Not one comes close.. well I mean I guess some do.. They have the overall basis of the notes right. Some are acceptable and would be fine for maybe a simple live performance.. but nothing captures that sound of the studio version.
Yes, I also know there will be alot more done to the studio version.. effects, double-tracking, etc. But I can still hear the guitar fine. Especially at the interlude since it only plays on one channel.

Here's the song:
A few seconds into it you'll hear it start.
The part played is extremely simple.. and it may not sound like anything special.. but I'm doing a full band cover of this song and I don't know how to get my guitar sound like it.

I tried:
The standard 2 note octave way
Capo on 2nd fret and the E and open A string way
Capo on 2nd fret and the octave + open A string way
Capo on 2nd fret and the octave + open A string, and the 3 high strings all tuned an octave above the normal A string and strummed
Guitar one and a half steps down and the octave and open D way/ no octave note (same as 2nd fret capo way pretty much)

Not any of this sounds like it.. I don't understand.
I mean if I were using cheap gear, I'd just figure it was that but I'm using a quality instrument that goes for about 32 hundred new and has really new strings on it so it sounds it's best..

This is really bugging me. About to just call it quits on doing this song.

I really doubt I'll get any replys.. but can anyone help me figure this out..?
play it like they did on pepsi smash. capo 2nd fret or just regular open standard tuning

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The guitar sounds to me like a bridge humbucker that is not very gainy at all. Maybe has an outpu round 9ish. Clean channel with some grit. i'm sure it's doubled by an acoustic. If your talking about that ****ty guitar riff that just repeats nearly all the song then I don't know what your tripping about.
i've done passable versions of this song easily.
Yeah, I'm talking about that '****ty guitar riff' that plays the whole song.
I could do a passable version with ease, but I'm recording this professionally and would prefer for it to sound as good as possible.

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play it like they did on pepsi smash. capo 2nd fret or just regular open standard tuning

Like I mentioned in the list of methods I've tried.. I did that one. It can sound fine but I can't get it to have that sound of the original. There's just this bright really acousticy sound to it. Like, the way the open note that's played sounds.. sounds different than the open A that is used with the capo on 2nd fret.. like I don't know. Maybe the average listener can't hear it the same way.. but I can't seem to get anything like it, past the same notes.
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