so a few friends and i finally decided to make a band and i took the roll as the bass player..

not gonna lie its fun as **** i fell in love with it the minute i strapped it on.

i learned six songs withing the first week most of them being sublime, (yeah im a stoner)

but im looking to get better faster

any tips??

im open to any suggestions..
look up some lessons on building speed. play them on bass.

it's harder than you think.
i like to walk aroung with my thumb resting on my pocket like it is the pickup i put my thumb on and pretend to play bass
i have no idea if it helps but it can build endurance
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learn your theory early on, as opposed to "learning as many songs as quickly as you can." If you get your bass theory down, it'll help you improve vastly
Learn different techniques like floating thumb, slapping, and picking before you try to go deep into theory and songs. I think knowing your technique is very helpful later on.
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Major and Minor scales, and practise them to a metronome getting gradually faster.

Make sure you use proper technique while practicing these scales.

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Exactly which Sublime songs did you learn? Some of those have some pretty gnarly lines, and it's a bit hard for me to fathom that someone who just picked up bass managed to commit six of them to memory in a week. Take it slow. Really learn songs, and learn them inside out. Also, play scales constantly. Don't just play scale patterns either, play them and commit the notes in various keys to memory.
Learn the tuba, youll get way more work.
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learn your theory early on, as opposed to "learning as many songs as quickly as you can." If you get your bass theory down, it'll help you improve vastly

yes this, i just started learning songs and i didnt learn any theory and i had no clue what notes i was playing and stuff like that. i regret it almost everyday, trust me learn some theory and you will be a happy bass player
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Maybe learn the open notes and have a general grasp on how to figure out what note your playing but jumping right into theory at the beginning would probably put most people off from having fun and keeping at it.

Anyway, theres a exercise tab somewhere in the FAQ, i think its been made into a power tab file so you dont have to buy or do something else for guitar pro.

Studybass.com should be really helpful aswell, if you get through those lessons you'll probably know a good amount for being a new player. Theres also a ton of youtube videos that can be really helpful.


^ that guys pretty cool, i like the vids ive seen. Hes got a site linked on that page called play bass now, seems pretty cool.

Also, once you can figure this part out a bit better, write down what it is you want to be able to do. Be it playing a song or a technique, or just some theory stuff and record your progress a bit ... its actually pretty good to have a set goal that youve actually written down for some awesome reason.

Good luck with the band
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With the scales, starting on different fingers can help. Figuring out the different patterns, and all that. It's kind of hard with your ring finger, but hey. Different rhythms can help too.