we are in high school but willing to play with someone a bit older.

looking to be gigging by 2010 and in the studio for a demo, but we need a bassist.

currently fusion of classic metal and punk rock
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Hey I live about 20 minutes from Marietta!

Unfortunately, my band is also searching for a bassist hahaha
There just aren't any around here!

You should go to The Local at Sidelines on October 23rd/24th. There's a huge metalfest going on there and my band is playing on the 23rd. There are traditional/power/thrash metal bands from all over the country playing.

Unless you don't like metal... lol
BTW my band is Eternal Hour and here is a link to the festival's myspace.
It'll be a great opportunity to meet some fellow musicians and possibly a bassist. Plus one of the best metal promoters in the southeast will be there (Hoyt from Pathfinder Promotions) and you could meet him. He helps out all the local metal bands!