I'm trying to learn clarity by john mayer, and i can play all the parts, but i can transition from flat picking to finger picking and vise versa very easily. What is the easiest way to hold the pick when switching from flat picking to finger picking? Ive tried holding the pick in the joints of one of my fingers, but it always falls out, so im assuming im doing it wrong. are there any youtube vids or other sources that help with this? ive tried holding it in my middle finger too but that feels awkward cuz i generally use my thumb index and middle fingers to finger pick.
hold it under your ring finger or between your ring and little fingers
it might take a while to do that properly

also you can try hybrid picking
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Hybrid Pick (I believe it's called) it. Hold your pick like normal and use your three free fingers to pick
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I usually keep a pick in my mouth, so I can just drop the one I'm using when I switch to finger picking. While I play, I maneuver the pick in my mouth to ready it for extraction. Then I can switch back. If you can't get a good strategy for holding a pick while finger picking, try doing that instead.
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There's bound to be a drummer here that can help you, otherwise check YouTube for tutorial vids.
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