Im changing the pickups on my rg 350dx (infinity ones). As good as they are its pretty difficult for me to sustain the sound when doin stuff like pinch harmonics and bends. Ive heard some sounds from the evolution pickups on the bridge and they sound amazing. Im quite set on the evolution pickup being on the bridge but the neck im not so sure. Im definately goin for a dimarzio pickup cos ive compared them to other pickups like emg or seymour duncan and they always sounded better to me. But i cant decide between super distortion or paf pro or tonezones. There are probably tons more but im really not so sure. I use my digitech rp250 for effects and im not a big fan of amps so i use a logitech speakers with a subwoofer (Logitech LZ 2300). I think its awesome. Any ideas or advice on pickups will be extremely helpful.

Im lookin for a warmer sound in the neck pickup to do soloin stuff like iron maiden or paul gilbert sort of stuff.
I'd get a PAF Pro for the neck. I have one in my S540 and it sounds great for warm leads. Paul Gilbert used to use them before he switched to Air Classics in the PGM401.
PAF Pro. Definitely. I just put one in my RG220 with an Evolution in the bridge. It BROUGHT IT TI LIFE!!!! The combo works sooo well together.
Im glad to hear you guys recommend PAF Pros. I was leaning more towards them. In my guitar i love the single coil splitting option that i get with my current setup. Should i change the single coil as well or should i leave it as it is? Its a INFS3. I hardly use it on its own. I use it when splitting it with the bridge or neck. Think i could get better sounds if i changed it to something else??

I usually use it for clean sounds for more options.