I'm not sure if this is just a coincidence or what, but it seems that an overly large proportion of my favourite music artists start with the letter A. I've read about studies that claim that bands having a certain number of words (was it three or something?) in their names tended to be more successful, but who knows? Hrm.

Has anyone noticed something similarly creepy/trivial/conspiracy-like?
a, d, i and s all tie for the most with 4
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Quote by Mean Mr Mustard
I would imagine bands with more words in their name are more unique and more memorable

I'm not sure if that works all of the time, though. Why, I remember the first band I was in (it was a half-serious thing with school chums) had an insanely long title. It was something along the lines of "Confused Indigo Cider In Blind Proximity Of Something Something Something". Yeah, letting each member choose a few of their favourite words and adding them together to form a band name doesn't really work. Cider was my contribution, though!

It's probably something of a parabolic relationship. I'm sure a few words can be beneficial, but there's surely a point where enough is more than enough. That said, there are plenty of one-word band names that have become renowned, but that's generally an after-effect of their music being awesome. For example, Thursday! <3!