So I have a Randall Rh150. Right now its on a 2x12 Ampeg cab. Yeah a bass cab. The distorted sound is good IMO. But that might be because I've only ever heard it through that cab. I can tell the cleans are ****ty for sure though because they get all buzzy if I have the level up too high. That's what mainly is pissing me off about it right now.


If I get a cheap used one for under 200 like this. Will it be significantly better than the ampeg, or should I not even bother? Clean wise and distortion wise.
The buzzing is probably caused by the tweeters (if you have them in your cab). If you do, you can usually turn them off. Try that.
EDIT: BTW, bass cabs + guitar = win.


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The buzzing is probably caused by the tweeters
EDIT: BTW, bass cabs + guitar = win.

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Well I've tried everything and the buzzing only happens when Im playing too loud on the clean channel. There's three settings on the back of the cab and I'm not sure what they are but each setting makes the amp sound more trebely than the last. It won't stop the buzzing. I'm playing metal by the way, with clean stuff too. Should I be looking for a guitar cab like that one to solve my clean problem., and in general to make my setup better.
I'm still wondering about this. Should I get a guitar cab or is there really any difference?