i currently have an acoustic guitar and im a newbie. i want to play heavy metal/death metal but obviously the acoustic limits me.

so should i just get the basics of guitar playing (I can play some riffs like fade to black, enter sandman, pull me under and other stuff) on the acoustic first up, and then get an electric?
or just get the electric now
learn on the acoustic and get an electric later when u have mastered it. i started out the same but i still play both. it is better to learn on an acoustic
Get the electric guitar, you will be more satisfied when you play on one of those when playing metal. And it will encourage you more, and it is a whole lot of fun.
Get the electric guitar, when you play riffs on it it'll sound really metal and it'll motivate you to play more.
Agree, i had a cheap classical nylon guitar and once i got an electric it made me guitar addicted.

But now i alos wan't a real steel acc, because power metal uses it for parts.
alrighty then. in a couple of weeks when i get the money, ill get an ESP MH-50 with DAddario EXL140s and tune to drop c or drop b

sound good?
If you live at home or in an apartment, like to play at the park or by the campfire, or don't play on stage, I'd start with a good acoustic with a pickup instead of a solid body electric guitar. Think unplugged first. Get the best guitar you can. Any guitar played through a cheap amp's headphones will sound like junk. I use a POD xt with headphones.
I love archtops, but the semi-hollow ES-335 type don't sound good unplugged. True archtops, like the jazz boxes, are built to be played unplugged. Try one out.