i dnt knw whether to get a small cheap ass multi fx pedal... or to slowly build a rack.... i also reli lyk those line6 colour coded multifx but those tings cost an arm nd a leg.
Probably best to put this in the Gear forum.
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wel i also dnt knw cos i cnt red whut u sed, but teh chep wuns r rly bad mst off teh tme...

wht abt ur amp? whut u got?

dat mite b teh prblm but rly i dnt kno.

lucky i can talk in this language, huh.

so fyi it would be alot nicer for the members of this forum if you could talk in full, your not texting your freinds here..
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Most multi-fx pedals aren't the best way to go. I would really stay away from the cheaper ones. I think they are good for beginners who don't really know what kind of pedals they want and it's a good way to play with a lot of effects to get an idea of what kind of effects you will want to use.

A lot of rack gear is really nice and you can pick up a lot of the used stuff pretty cheap these days. The only problem with rack gear is that the setup can get really complicated especially when you start looking to switch effects on/off with a foot controller.

I personally like things simple and use individual stompboxes on the floor.
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Probably best to put this in the Gear forum.
This ^

I'll ask a mod to move it to GG&A.
Although, given the "clarity" of the OP, it might get closed.
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