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Hey guys, it's storytime.

My housemate is a silly man. He recently bought a USA Fender American Vintage 62 Reissue Strat:

It cost him £1200 (they cost even more in some places online).

It's pretty sweet, sounds cool (could do with a setup though), and it looks good.

Now, my friend, he did something very silly.
On his first student night, I got a phonecall at 4am in the morning.
Him -"Steve, I did something very silly."
Me - "..."
Him - "I was playing Foxy Lady and got a little carried away... I set fire to my guitar"
Me - "..."
Me - "Is my amp OK?"
Him - "Yes, but my guitar is on fire"

I thought he was kidding, drunk and talking **** to wind me up, but when I arrived at the house the next day, he was infact telling the truth. I laughed, and he was ashamed.

Fast forward to today, he hardly ever uses the guitar anymore because he's ashamed and embarrassed, and he now wants to sell it to me for £350. Yes, £350 for a decent American strat which is practically new (except being really burnt) that costs £1300 normally, AND he agreed to get it set up for me too, lol.

So what do you think guys, should I buy the strat? It has burn marks and stuff, but I think it looks alright, it has a story to it, lol. I already have an American strat(a Deluxe with maple neck) that is really nice, but I have 3 different plans for this one (if I buy it):

1) Get it set up as an awesome tremolo type guitar (a la Jeff Beck, Michael Lee Firkins etc) because I'm getting really into the whole 'making-the-whammy-bar-sound-like-a-slide-thing'.

2) Get it set up as an awesome guitar for slide.

3) Get it set up with heavy strings and high action a la Stevie Ray Vaughn, to build my finger strength and get sweet tone.

So, what do you think? I can get pics if requested :P

Oh, and it should also be noted that this is the same guy who sold me his Orange Rockerverb half-stack a while ago for £650...

-EDIT- Pics:

TL;DR - My housemate set fire to his new £1300 USA strat, he's ashamed and wants to sell it to me for £350. It still plays well, and it looks kinda unique and cool. I already have a USA strat, but I have multiple potential uses for this one.
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Dude even if only for the huge bargain, do it!

Plus I bet it has loads of character now.

And yes, pics. Pics, I tell you!
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PICS and do it you already scored this and if it plays well why not
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That's just awesome. Get it, and I say set it up with heavier strings, also so you can get a chunkier sound out of it, because really, playing Jeff Beck with a burned guitar looks silly. Playing psychedelic rock with a burned guitar is awesome.
It doesn't even look half bad.. and if you really wanted to you could always refinish it, right?

Now go buy it.
that looks cool as ****, i would buy it buy it, i would love to have seen him do it, was he just drunk or was he high as well ?
awesome story and great looking guitar. I'd buy it and maybe add some more marks and spots to it, relic it.
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Go for it. It's a huge bargain. It doesn't look THAT bad.
I suppose you can go for it. If it works properly, and everythings good, it'll be fine. Plus, it'll look probably a lot better with a bit of playing.
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i'll have it if you don't want it
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I think if it was me, I wouldn't buy it. I'd feel too bad basically ripping off a friend with such a low price on what is still such a good guitar. Personally, I'd be trying to encourage him to play it more.

But if your friend really doesn't want it anymore, you might as well go for it.
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He can always sell it back to him. That´s why I always sell my guitars to friends. When I want them back I make an offer!
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I think if it was me, I wouldn't buy it. I'd feel too bad basically ripping off a friend with such a low price on what is still such a good guitar. Personally, I'd be trying to encourage him to play it more.

But if your friend really doesn't want it anymore, you might as well go for it.

Man, I spent the last week trying to get him to keep it, but he won't. He says that he's decided he's not a strat man anymore, and he doesn't like it.

And besides, he spends most of his time making douche comments to me, so it's ok.
What a twat

TS, I say go for it. It's a sweet deal.
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wow. i cant believe that. did he put some kind of accelerant on there or just light it in different spots? dude has some balls.

i would get it though....very unique. plus i think it looks alot better than fender's fake relic'ing crap.
Get it, and when people ask why it's burnt, you can say that it's because you're hot shit.

I actually want to do this to a Squier/MIM Tele when I get the money.
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I actually find most of the wear sexy.

That said get it two more springs in the back though. <3 five-spring trems.

But yes, buy it.

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wouldn`t say no to that.

story sounds a little dodgy imo (just too unbelievable)

Lol, I don't see how it's unbelievable, people getting drunk and doing stupid **** isn't exactly a new thing.
Here's pics of the day after it happened, before we sanded down all the horrible burnt bits:

He looks so ashamed. xD

He also spilt lots of wine on it, which you can see on the scratchplate.
That got to be some hangover!
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Oh jeez...that's hilarious and kinda unfortunate at the same time. I bet ur mate is kicking himself in the head right about now . Go for it, it's a bargain.
That is indeed epic lol

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Wow, *epic facepalm*

so does it have some awesome WARM tone to it?

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i say get it. i think it looks really cool haha and nobody can give you crap for doing a bad fake relic job on it!
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Wow. The way he burnt it makes it actually look... good.

I wouldn't replace anything. Keep it for what it is, it's epic because you have this story.
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