last night while playing around on the guitar i looked up king diamonds abigail tab.
I thought "pfft I cant do that" about the speedy intro part.

well I can. just a tad sloppy. so it made me try other things at speed..

I think what I need to work on is getting my left hand in time with the right, they both seem to be able to do what they need to do independantly of each other, just having a problem working together...

so I guess I need to find a few fast exercises and start working on coordination at speed.

cool story huh.
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the human abstract!!! they have great riffs. i recommend Vela, Together We Await the Storm.
it's sick
i always come to UG for a tab, but get sucked into the pit

[SoWrongItsMatt]Have you tried, "Sex on fire?"

[[x]Huffy[x]]Either way I'm gonna be too stoned to care.

what he said.^

i love qotsa

enjoy it.
Try the "Spiderwalk" exercise. The Link is a Vid of jeff waters showing how to play it, but if you prefer there is also a DL lik to the exercise in a tab.
You don't need fast exercises, you need slow ones.

If you can't play in sync at speed then trying to force the issue won't help, you need to find the speed at which you can play in sync and look to improve from there.
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I think your problem is that you didn't start practicing the lick at a speed that you could actually play it. Practicing something faster than you can play it cleanly is just going to give you more sloppiness.