Ok, so I'm a senior in HS, with intermediate level skills. I've gotten intrested in buying a talk-box, but I'm not sure if its worth it. I know it can be used to make some pretty awesome sounds, but I have no experience with one. How hard are they to learn to use, and are they worth the $$$? Any other reccomendations would be nice.

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Also, is there any extra gear that I'd have to buy? I read that they use a mic and need a separate PA system, or something. Could I just use my sisters karoke machine for bedroom practice?

Here's a good FAQ.

They aren't hard to use, but they can be tricky to set up.

A "real" talk box isn't just a stompbox with a tube, it actually goes in line with your amplifier's output signal, and requires a microphone.

Of course, a microphone requires a PA system.

And, at least on the old Heil units, while the talk box is on, your amp is "off".

New ones like the Rocktron Banshee have an internal driver, so it can be used more like an effect, but you still need a mic and PA.

Supposedly Danelectro has one that can do without any of the pa junk, but I'm skeptical of how it's set up, and won't comment til I try one.

They're fun, kinda gimmicky, and a little pricey...

Could I just use my sisters karoke machine for bedroom practice?

Yeah, that'll work ok.
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Awesome, easy to use, great if you want a wah and SO MUCH MORE... They take a LITTLE getting used to... But you can make some AMAZING music with em...
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