Why would you want anything to be depressing.. haha.. And that name......
That name.. "nocturnal cemetery" I think someone is trying a little toooo hard. haha
What the shıt? The music itself isn't that bad, but you've got the mixes wrong(bass is WAY too loud, turn it down about 5-7db), your distorted tone is terrible(cut down your treble and mids a bit), your drummer seems to lack creativity but I'm not too sure because I didn't listen long enough, and... Your name is Very generic.

Sorry... Hope my input was of some use.
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This thread is so fukking fail.
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Pretty much what I would expect from a one man black metal band...

...that's not a complimant
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i dont want to be offensive, but its terrible music. and this comes from a forgotten tomb fan

the biggest problem is the mix, the drums are too quiet, the vocals are too overpowering

the thing i liked most was your bands name
sorry but i'd rather hear even hanna montana than this ;X really bad.
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