Hi. I'm sure this has been covered many times before, but I didn't see any mention in my quick look over the threads.

I am re-wiring a guitar for a friend because he wanted me to take everything out so he could re-finish the guitar. Whereas originally it was wired for coil-splitting on one of the pups, I am trying to wire it in the standard Les Paul fashion as I'm still somewhat of an amateur and don't know how to do push-pull pots yet.

One humbucker (neck) has a bare ground wire, a red, and a white. I have already determined the phase of the wires. The bridge humbucker has a bare, green, red, and a white. I have determined the phase for these as well; the green wire is for the other coil for facilitating coil splitting, I'm assuming.

My question is, since I'm just trying to wire these up standard, what do I do with the whites on both pickups and the green from the bridge pickup? I was planning on taking the reds (positive) to the volume controls, and then just grounding the whites as well as the green. Does this sound correct? I would rather not get it all back together and then find that I've wired them up wrong.

what humbuckers are they?

if the green wire is for coil splitting (theres not really a way of me/ anyone else knowing, without knowing what pickups you've got), then you shouldn't ground it. because that'll put it in split mode (if the green is, in fact for coilsplitting.).

but yes, the white wires in this case should be grounded, if the reds are hot.

if the green is for coil splitting (I think I've seen that wire called the series link. which makes sense..), then just trim any bare wire sticking out of the insulation, and tape it off.

any more questions should go in the 'wiring thread', though..
Thanks! The humbuckers are no brand that I've ever heard of. They are the stock ones from what I believe was an old Westone guitar. That makes plenty of sense.

If I hook up a meter (with the positive lead going to red, negative to white), and tap one of the coils of the bucker, I get positive voltage and then negative when I pull away, so I'm assuming that's how the phasing of these works.

I'll try what you suggested! Probably would have been a dummy move on my part if I had grounded the green.

Thanks again! Also, sorry about the thread being in the wrong spot...never saw the wiring thread.
no problem

and for the phase of them, it doesn't make a huge difference whether you make red '+' and white '-', or the other way around. what matters is that the pickups are in phase with eachother.

if you were using the coil split, you could use use the whites as the hot wires, and ground the reds, if you wanted to use the opposite coil when in coil split. but you're not using the split anyway, so ..nevermind

without knowing the exact pickup, I can't be positive, but I'm pretty confident the green wire is for splitting, so what I said in my earlier post should work. if not, just ..yeah, report back

no worries about not using the wiring thread for now. just for future reference
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