I have been practicing a lesson lately with a full step bend on fret 22 of the high E string. Does anyone have advice on how to get a good lasting note? I usually sound muted and the note has little to no sustain. Any tips on how to practice this?
Just keep doing it. Pay attention to the sound produced with variations in your finger pressure and motions. Keep it smooth and precise. Try starting around the 5th fret and doing full step bends, 5th, 7th, 9th....etc... down to the end. Try to get it perfect each time. If you mess up start over at the beginning and do it again.

Also try using another finger or two behind the one you're bending with to even the pressure and make it smoother.
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ya, use multiple fingers to help you get that bend smooth. also a compressor/sustainer will help a lot
Hm, it mabye depends on the guitar your using, sometimes as you get up the neck there is a more smooth area connecting to the guitar and the neck. Mine is pretty mince and has a block on it, it can be difficult.

Practice with precision, no real tricks i guess, Just listen to whats wrong, the errors, etc. and work on them making them better.
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You can add a little vibrato to the bend to keep it singing
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