So yea...Tried this beast out at guitar center finnally, and i was very impressed. impressed by the features, impressed by the price, and impressed by the tone....But i feel like its missing something. Is it me? Ive had a hard on for a Peavey JSX, but this amp seems like so much more for what i want in an amp for a small increase in price. Technically this is a boutique amp, correct? I dunnoo...

Thoughts on this? Good? Bad? Indifferent?
It's a pretty awesome amp in my experience.

What kind of cab did you run it through

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not a boutique amp by any stretch but still cool amp with some great features.
I tried it when it just came out, I was a bit disappointed.

But I had played an Egnater Seminar Head, and his MOD 3 head the day before... which is his actual boutique stuff.

And the tourmaster was hooked up to a Bogner Alchemist cab.

IMHO I don't think these reknown boutique amp builders should have Guitar Center lines, but I think I'll try the tourmaster again soon, it just left a bad taste in my mouth.