hey guys,

im looking to get a new amp since my current one is in need of a new speaker and it sucks.

i play guitar in a hardcore band n im lookin for a sorta sound anywhere near the following:

dance gavin dance
parkway drive
a static lullaby

kinda crunchier thick sound but not too metal and needs to have a warmer clean tone, i play with a zakk wylde epiphone at the moment as well with HZ'z in.

ive not got the biggest budget at the moment so itl probs have to be a combo of some sorts.

its got to be able to handle being cranked since itl be gigged and no breakup/still keep pure sound so a valve would be sweet

hope this gives a reasonable idea

Three more things:

1) Where are you located?
2) Are used amps an option for you?
3) What is your exact budget? We really can't help much without that.

Peavey valve king head and cab
Bugera 6262 head and cab

both about £600

I got the bugera and its pretty decent.
I think an Engl Screamer combo might be interesting for you. It should be available for 600 to 700 quid used. It's got enough gain for metal, but does lower gain tones well, too. Depending on how warm you need your cleans to be, you might have trouble though. The Screamer's cleans are nice, but rather bright than warm.
There's one on ebay right now:
Engl screamer
I shouldn't post when drunk..

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Engl Powerball
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