Hey, I ain't no new member but I was wondering, are we allowed to put ANY song from an artist onto our mp3 list on the profile? I have my own stuff but I was just wondering if I can add an song thats not played by me? Is there a copyright rule? lol I'm a bit stoned so I wanted to find this out, for the haters, I'm sorry to be taking up your time

The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades
Use the form below to upload your mp3 files. You can't upload copyrighted music, or files of other people without their permission.
Make sure you are not violating anyone's copyrights.

I confirm that the music I am uploading is not copyrighted music.

What is copyrighted music?

Music from signed artists (Everything you hear on the radio!)
Music that was copied off official CDs or bought digitally (You are not allowed to distribute MP3s even if it's from your own digital collection)
If you still try to upload a copyrighted mp3 file, you will be banned permanently.

Straight from the "Upload MP3" tab.
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