So, in English class we had to come up with a speech about an issue we felt strongly about. It wasn't supposed to be really serious, just an issue we feel strongly about. I talked about how there are too many sub-genres in metal and that to me it's just pretentiousness on metal musicians parts to have a classification for every difference in metal.
Anyway, this guy stands up and saya 'Children born out of wedlock should not get as much child benefit as children born in a marriage'. He then continued his case which consisted of the points 'this would increase the longevity of marriages', 'this is what my parents have brought me up to believe therefore it must be true' and 'God created marriage with children in mind'.
So pit, thoughts?

TL;DR Guy thinks children born out of wedlock should not get a much child benefit as children born in marriage.
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What an idiot.

'Longevity of marriage?' If the child benefits is all that's keeping the parents together, it ain't really a marriage anyway. Besides, I really don't think God should be brought into arguments like this, because eitherway, *existenceornot* he really can't contribute at the moment.
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He should pull his head out of his ass.
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You sir are a dick!
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And then again, Wildthang, "You're probably NOT one of them clean Socialists, either"

I cook children who are born out of wedlock on a spit.

I think somebody has to show him that God isn't really trying hard to interfere in our world.
Or that there is no God.
You should have pulled a Kanye West on him..
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If metal doesn't get over 9000 sub-genres, maybe they shouldn't get more benefits.
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Like a padlock that stays locked for a few years, before breaking violently, costing the key half of their hard earned money while the lock finds a nicer looking key to get opened by.

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God created marriage with children in mind

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God created marriage with children in mind

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God created marriage with children in mind

Quote by opc100
God created marriage with children in mind

Well, the government wants to support children, not marriages right?
I'm going in;

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'God created marriage with children in mind'.

Because God is the one dishing out the benefits.
🙈 🙉 🙊
Wow what a dick...
I'm glad my mum didn't get married to my dad otherwise I would have been brought up with the two of them arguing. My mum grew up like that so she really didn't want me to grow up the same.
And the fact that he uses god as an argument is just...

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what a ****ing dumbass...
i thought one of the main points of democracy was equality of everyone regardless of birth and ****.
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I was born out of wedlock.

**** that guy.

**** that guy and his religion.
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A child should not lose benefits just because HIS PARENTS aren't together. It's not even his/her fault that his/her parents aren't together.

He was probably trollin'.
he's entitled to his opinion, regardless of how misinformed it may be, but we'll never know until we die, and we might not even find out then.

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This man is right.

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Wanna know something someone said in my class the other day that was even more shocking?

A boy in my class thinks that adultery/bigamy should be punished with the death penalty, as should 'betraying your country' and 'destroying religous materials'.